Leben in Budaka

Nachfolgend - in englischer Sprache - ein Ausschnitt aus einem Brief von Christine Atek Mwa, der Schulleiterin der ortsansässigen St. Clare Girls High School, mit der die Schülerinnen und Schüler des Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium Düsseldorf bereits im Austausch stehen.

In diesem Brief wird zum einen die Schule vorgestellt und zum anderen in deutlichen Worten geschildert, wie der Alltag der Jugendlichen in Budaka aussieht:


"St. Clare Girls High School is a non-profit school located in the Eastern part of Uganda in the newly created District of Budaka. It lies in the heart of Budaka on the Mbale-Iganga highway at 18 miles - 27 miles from Mbale Town and it is about 300 metres away from Budaka commercial center on the road to Namengo Catholic Church Parish.

       The school started in 1999. It's a Girls school and has a moving population of about 250 students from senior one to senior six. Being the only Girls, school it draws its students from many districts.

      The school motto is ' commitment makes a difference'. The mission of the school is to equip the girls for a productive role in the modern world by producing a safe learning environment in which they can grow spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially, to enable students to grow confidence in their own abilities and to build self esteem, to take their rightful place in the world as responsible people.

    It has both ordinary and advance level offering both sciences and arts. We have 12 subjects at ordinary level and 4 principles at advance level.

    Most of the students are from poor families, orphans. We feed them on beans and posho from Monday to Friday, then rice and beans on Sunday.

     The young people in Budaka are not hardworking, they spent time in cinema halls and they don't value education, the majority is poor. We are grateful for supporting the district, the youth. Many will realize their talents and keep those who can't go to school busy.

       Most of the women are illiterate because they are being forced to marry at an early age. I am willing to work and support the A-UNITE organization because I hate seeing young people suffering they need guidance and counseling.

        The internet café is doing well it has a good number of computer and it's the only café in Budaka and the skpe program is good, the director Dennis is hardworking, humble and friendly continue supporting him."


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